The Best Social Media Platforms for Creatives

1650-businessIt is a well-known fact that social media is a valuable tool for drawing attention to your work and driving traffic to your website. With all of the various platforms at our disposal, the choice on which ones to invest our valuable time into can be somewhat overwhelming, or confusing, at the least.

I believe all platforms can be helpful, but it is important to remain consistent and active within the few that you choose.

To get a better understanding of which social media platforms work best for creatives, I decided to ask some experts. Here is what they had to say:

 ”LinkedIn is my number one favorite resource.  Many industry professionals are changing jobs or positions, Linked in is following who is doing what!  We love knowing more about each person we work with and how we can best connect Agencies & Brands with our commercial photographers.”

- Mollie Jannasch, Founder of Agency MJ

 ”The question you have to answer before deciding which social media platform(s) to be on is: where are your best clients and prospects?

For example, if you are targeting photography buyers, then Instagram might be the place for you.

That said, in general, LinkedIn is the most effective platform for business purposes. It’s essentially a database of professionals where you can find out details you can use to connect with people personally. Plus, when clients and prospects move from one position or company to another, you don’t lose track of anyone anymore because their LinkedIn profile allows you to keep track of them.

Also, the most important element of your own LinkedIn profile is your “title” — that short line under your name. Use it to identify what you do and for whom. It’s the part of your profile that is visible everywhere on LinkedIn so it must make the clearest statement about you to drive traffic to your profile.”

- Ilise Benun, Founder of, author of many books for creative professionals, including the 2014 Marketing Plan + Calendar and the Proposal Bundle.

 ”Behance – I’m surprised how many times comes up when talking with clients. It’s free to post your work. Some of those pay to participate resources tend to be a little traditional because the young photographers can’t afford to be on it. Behance is a bit more of a social media community, so the young advertising and magazine creatives love it. Behance is a good place to see the new trends and find young artists.”

- Karen D’Silva, Creative Consultant, AgencyAccess and Karen D’Silva Creative Services

 ”Although I am an advocate for all social media platforms, if I had to choose one, it would be Twitter. For photographers and those trying to promote a business, keep in mind that Twitter is the top platform among Fortune 500 companies, becoming increasingly relevant in the corporate world and beyond. In this fast-paced, on-the-go society in which we work, our attention spans shorten by the day. People want quick, breaking news at their fingertips, which Twitter provides in 140 characters or less. Engage your audience in real-time, connect with powerful people and have the potential to reach millions with just a push of a button.”

- Liz Ream, Publicist with Wonderful Machine

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